Papa Shahrukh sets deadly rules for dating Suhana

Shahrukh Khan is not only a doting father but he is a daring father as well. He has set deadly rules for those who has a strong desire to date his daughter Suhana Khan. Shahrukh is a protective father and the rules he set suggests he can go to any length to protect his daughter. So, boys think twice, no think thrice no no think seven times if you really wished to be Suhana’s boyfriend.

Here’s Shahrukh seven rules for dating Suhana.

1.Get a job
2.Understand I don't like you
3.I'm everywhere
4.Get a lawyer
5.She's my princess, not your conquest
6.I don't mind going back to jail
7.Whatever you do to her, I will do to you

King Khan revealed his list of seven rules for Suhana's present and future boyfriends in an interview to Femina.  

So before proposing Suhana, read the rules very carefully. And by chance if you fell for Suhana and gave her heartbreak, get ready to face the deadly consequence.

Suhana has a passion for acting and Shahrukh supports her passion.

"She can be an actor if she has the passion and guts to work five times harder than me and get paid 10 times less than I do, if times don't change for women actors. I want her to experience what my female co-stars have gone through. My daughter will be an actor like them and I want to feel the pain", SRK’s said about daughter’s Bollywood dearm.

"I'd like her to be on the cover of magazines like all my heroines are, wear any kind of clothes she wants to wear, and look sexy and beautiful. I want her to feel attractive, beautiful and respected, and more importantly, I want her to work hard. There are days when I feel down-the only reason I get up and go to work is when I think of her. I have only one mandate where she's concerned: she can act, but she has to study first," SRK told Femina.

The 'best part' of Suhana's Bollywood dream is that she doesn't want to learn the craft from her dad. Instead, "she wants to be an actor in her own right."

Well, Suhana Khan is only 16 and she needs to complete her studies before she set to live her dream.