Papa Randhir angry with Kareena

Kareena Kapoor is the busiest gal in Bollywood today. She is running fast to complete the number of assignments that she has signed. Today, she is occupied by films, endorsements, award functions and parties and hardly getting time to spend with family. Though she is the achiever of prestigious awards like Rotary and FICCI, youth icon of the year, woman achiever of the year, youngest achiever of film industry, her father Ranbir Kapoor is neither feeling proud of daughter Bebo nor appreciating her talent. To him, if Kareena cannot spend time with her family what is the use of those awards and achievements? In irritation, he said, "I'm going to put a stop to all this. What is the point of all these awards and adulation if I don’t get to have one meal with you?"

Bebo too agreed with pa. She has the same opinion that due to her hectic schedule, she is unable to devote time to her family. "I can't begin to explain how I'm managing all this. I must have met my niece, sister and parents for hardly four hours in one-and-a-half years! But I've promised my Dad quality time post June."

Kareena has ample films lined up for release and the much talked one is Renzil D’Silva’s film where she is paired opposite beau Saif. Interestingly, they will do a lip-lock on screen. Speaking about the lip scene, Bebo remarked, "I'm a director's actress and both Saif and I do things according to the requirement of the script."