Pam Chopra says yes to Rani-Aditya's marriage

Many Bollywood celebrities arrived at Madhuri Dixit’s residence to pay their last respect  to Madhuri Dixit’s father Shankar R Dixit who passed away on Sunday and among the celebrities was Rani Mukherjee. Rani Mukherjee came to pay her respect to the departed soul with her would be mother-in-law Pamela Chopra. Pamela is Aditya Chopra’s mother and Yash Chopra’s wife. Rani and Aditya were in a relationship for a long time and it was also heard that the couple will get married early next year.

Rani arrived with Pam Chopra at Madhuri’s resdience. Rani’s mother also accompanied them. All three of them arrived in the same car. Rani seemed to be getting well with Pam Chopra and it throws the signal that Pamela accepted Rani as Aditya’s wife. Grapevine buzzed in the past that the late filmmaker and Pam Chopra did not approve Rani as Aditya’s partner but later they accepted her.

Last year, Aditya Chopra celebrated Pamela Chopra’s birthday in Switzerland and Rani was also very much part of the family event.

Aditya Chopra divorced his first wife Payel, his childhood friend and decided to tie the knot with Rani.   Though Rani and Aditya maintained  dignified silence about their relationship, the duo couple of times clicked at the airport returning from a vacation. Rani and Aditya are very much in love and they are ready to settle down.

The couple was supposed to marry early last year but due to the death of Yash Chopra, the plan pushed behind.

"Rani will get married in grand filmi style to Aditya Chopra in January 2014. The couple is finalising the date according to the shubh mahurat decided by Aditya’s mother Pamela in consultation with the family priest," he said. "According to Punjabi customs, no festivities or celebrations take place for a year after the death of a family member," he said. 

The insider added: “Yashji fell sick during the making of the film (‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’) and the dutiful son (Aditya) took over the reigns. He was in London for the better part of the year, as was Rani. This being a big film as Chopra Sr was returning to the big screen after a long break. He wanted energies to be focused on the film and nothing else, so the wedding was put off till after the release of the film.”

“According to Punjabi customs, no festivities or celebrations take place till after a year of death of a family member. The 365 days following the demise of a close relative is called an impurity period,” the source continued. And now, with the stipulated one year coming to an end, wedding preparations in the Chopra and Mukherjee's household are reportedly in full swing.

For quite a long time, rumor of Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukherjee’s impending wedding made the rounds but the duo maintained silence on this private matter.