'Paap' responsible for John – Bips split?

Bipasha and <a href='//www.bollywoodmantra.com/celebrity/john-abraham/' title='John Abraham' class='article_display_tag' data-id='john-abraham' id='article_tag_data_john-abraham' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>John Abraham</strong></a>John Abraham is peeved! The gossip mongers have gone a step ahead, spreading malicious rumours of a confirmed rift between the actor and his girlfriend, actress Bipasha Basu, over the 'bold' scenes between John and Udita Goswami in the just-released PAAP...
...According to a section of the press, Bipasha is miffed with John for not being honest to her about the love-making scenes in PAAP. Reportedly, the actress seemed furious with John getting too intimate with Udita on the big screen.

Reportedly, John had broken a 'pact' between the two vis-à-vis getting intimate with their co-stars in their films. Though John's passionate scenes with Udita on screen may not have caused much furore, it did generate a storm in their personal lives, according to the 'know-all gurus' in the media. Simply put, John had committed 'paap' this time around!

When this writer called to verify the facts with John, the actor couldn't hide his amusement. Known for maintaining a stoic silence when asked to comment on his relationship with Bipasha, he did make an exception this time around. “Seriously? Is that what the press is spreading these days?” he laughed, continuing in the same breath, “The kind of girl Bipasha is, I refuse to believe she'd make such irresponsible statements. If the statements are attributed to her, it's an apt case of misquoting.”

But what did Bipasha feel about the on-screen chemistry he shared with Udita? Didn't she feel jealous when she watched the film? “Believe me, when Bips and I watched the film together, she was very supportive about it. Though she felt the film was just about okay, she did praise my performance in it. There was not an iota of insecurity about anything,” he retorts.

Getting in a cheerful mood, John adds, “I am not going through the best phase professionally, with AETBAAR and PAAP not faring well at the box-office. And now this… I guess, when it rains, it pours!” Well said!