Overseas influence on B town sound tracks

With blends, matching and mixing dictating creativity and varied aspects of film making; the domain to be particularly influenced is music. Over the last few years or so, B town has particularly promoted fusions ensuing from collaborative ventures. Consequently, overseas musicians have been encouraged to deliver their trademark features on soundtrack created for the entertainment of the Indian cine goers.

1.  Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue

















With A. R Rahaman creating the soundtrack of ‘Blue’- starring Akshay Kumar; Kylie was roped in to deliver an item song by the name of ‘Chiggy Wiggy’. The leading singer, composer and actress; Kylie is famous for her albums such as ‘Kylie’, ‘I should be so Lucky’ and ‘Delinquents’.

2.   Orianthi Pangaris
Orianthi Pangaris











The scintillating ‘Sadda Haq’ number from the just released flick Rockstar has Orianthi’s guitar on play. As one of the leading guitarists; Orianthi Pangaris has been found accompanying renowned performers such as Michael Jackson, Carlos Santana and Adam Lambert amongst several others. Incidentally, A. R Rahaman’s visit to Los Angeles paved the way for the former’s inclusion in Rockstar’s musical track; with the composer acquainting the guitarist with its leading outlines.

3.  Akon













Akon contributed his precious bit for the musical track of Ra One- the spectacularly brilliant science fiction. The three dimensional venture featured Akon’s auto tune baritone in ‘Chhamak chhallo ‘and ‘criminal’ numbers. 

4.  Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg













The innovatively blended number of ‘Singh is King’ with its fusion of chorus and jot trot bhangra; had Snoop Dog rapping. For a visual presentation of the musical score recorded in Chicago; Snoop Dog was also found donning traditional Sikh attire. Combining the choric refrain of ‘Sigh is king, sing is kingg’ with that of Bhangra styled ‘what up to all the ladies……..’ proved to be a positive move.

5.  Josh










The bhangra fusion of Indo Canadian essence also characterizes the soundtrack of ‘Speedy Singhs’. The group popularly known as Josh is likely to make its influence felt on the film which has Akshay Kumar as one of its co producers. The musical band is particularly known for its electronic manipulation of Bhangra rhythm. Having been convinced by Vinay Virmani- the script writer & actor; the band is supposed to have sung its ‘heart out’.

6 Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga















Having been one of the prime focuses of India’s Formula 1 racing event at Lap Buddh circuit; the lady gave way to her musical brilliance during one of its post race bashes. Going by sources; SRK was expected to include the premier pop singer for his ‘Ra one’; but failed to do so on account of scheduling inconveniences. But it seems that the much sought after lady featured in one of the promotional songs.

In fact suitable and skilful use of foreign influence on B town musical track can prove to be one of the novel innovations leading to the enrichment of musical scores.