Overdressed women are bleeding inside, Sabyasachi gets trolled

Ace designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee gets trolled for his latest comment on women.

His post begins with a quote from Charles Dicken's novel Great Expectations and then he says, "If you see a woman 'overdressed', caked with makeup, armoured with jewellery, it is most likely that she is wounded. Bleeding inside, silently. Holding on to her pride and dignity, shining for the world, though within her innermost being there is a dark, blinding pain. Take some time off to give her your precious company, heal her with your empathy, because sometimes nothing can replace human warmth. Not even the most precious of jewellery”.

Sabyasachi's post has garnered over 16,000 likes so far but it drew lots of flaks, "This is absolute rubbish. Please dont associate your brand with such thoughts and judgments," read a comment while another wrote: "Oh God no. Please don't make stupid blanket statements like that in a bid to 'romanticize' bullshit. Sometimes a girl just likes her lipstick and jewelry for no absolute reason except that she does!"

One user commented, "Does they mean most of your actresses who wear your brand is wounded and asking for empathy? I’m lost for words and unsure as to what you are implying. You maybe need to explain this more in depth as all women we like you know that we are not seeking empathy or wounded we are strong and have pride." 

Meanwhile, another user wrote, "So ridiculous this post is! You are good at designing clothes so pls stick to it!! How can you know when someone is “overdressed?” You or me - we are nobody to decide ok? Stop being so judgemental! Beauty is not only one kind!! Such a big label & this is your thought? Shame!!"

Sabyasachi Mukherjee is Bollywood's favourite designer. From Rani to Anushka are her fashion muse but time and again he finds himself in the murk of controversy for his comment.