Only Madhuri can value my art: Hussain

Madhuri Dixit NenePainter M.F. Hussain says that actress Madhuri Dixit is the only person who can truly appreciates his art, and his relationship with Madhuri Dixit is that of an artist with his or her art. Every relationship is imparted some name like the one between afatherand son, mother and son, husband and wife and brother and sister.
However, it's difficult to name the relationship between the artist and the art. Similar is the case of a relation between a painter and his or her painting. A painter's painting and an artist's art are like the lover and the beloved.

Hussain says, " When I saw Madhuri in' Hum Aap Ke Hain Kaun' I found that she is the object of my imagination. I was on the look out for such a beauty. Any other person couldn't see whatever I saw in Madhuri. I decided to shoot the camera in my movie titled 'Gajgamini'. During my first meeting with her, I found her an innocent and bubbly. Though I had seen these qualities the on screen, yet I was excited to find that these were natural in her character. So I decided to draw her these qualities on the canvas. To a great extent I succeeded in doing it. All her traits can be seen in my painting."

Hussain adds that his relationship with Madhuri is that of a poet with his poetry. "You may give it any name. I can claim that she is the true valuer of my art. I have never seen anyone else whatever I find in Madhuri. She is the most beautiful person I have ever come across."