"ON TOP", Malaika Arora reveals her favourite bed position

During a recent interview, Malaika Arora answered some private questions and during the interview, the hot and bold mom revealed her favourite bed position. She said that she likes to be on top.

During her conversation, Malaika revealed that she likes “Game Night – Bearded Boys – Funny Guy” while her favourite bed position is "ON TOP"

Last month, when Malaika and sister Amrita Arora appeared on Neha Dhupia’s chat show BFFs With Vogue where she was asked if she is lucky in love or lucky in cards. To this, Malaika replied, ‘’I’m terrible at cards, so I guess lucky in love.’’

Later, when Neha asked Amrita the last time she was single, Amrita said, “Really Neha, you’re asking that?” Malaika replied, “She’s never been single. Never.”