On-off couple Ash-Abhi catch up at the airport

Nobody is quite sure if Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan are seeing each other or not. Recently there were rumours about the two heading for splitsville due to their horoscopes not matching and also due to family discord. However rumours may be put to an end after the couple was spotted spending time with each other at the airport while waiting to board a flight.
Ash walked into the domestic airport and after she checked in, Abhi, who was already waiting for her, joined her. It was six in the morning, but both the stars looked as fresh as ever. Both Ash and Abhi were also colour coordinated sporting white shirt and blue jeans. Both were seen boarding the same flight. Ash and Abhi were recently in Mumbai for a break and both were heading back to resume shooting for their film. Ash and Abhi are busy shooting for Mani Ratnam’s Guru and they will also be seen in Dhoom 2 and Umrao Jaan together. Abhishek had arrived at the airport earlier and had already checked in. He was seen waiting for his ladylove in the waiting lounge.

A source who was also at the airport at that time said “They looked very much in love and there was definitely something going on there. The moment Abhi approached her, she leaned against him.” The source claims that their body language and also the warmth and affection on seeing each other was clearly visible to one and all. The source also confirmed that neither Ash nor Abhi seemed to be concerned about anybody else around them and had eyes only for each other. Both have been extremely busy, Ash was recently at the Cannes promoting her film Provoked and Abhi has just become a brand ambassador for Motorola cell phones. What with all their professional commitments, the couple tries to make up for lost time by catching a few moments of togetherness even if it is at the airport.

Now this definitely should put all those wagging tongues in bollywood who have been harping about the couple’s split to rest.