OMG: Sunny Leone manhandled on the set of 'Leela'

Sunny Leone has been the hot topic ever since she stepped into Bollywood. Apparently, the actress continues to amuse her fans with a drama of her own. Recently, she made the headlines while shooting for Bobby Khan's film 'Leela'. Looking at her pervious “career”, one can infer that she has always been quite the brazen and unabashed type. But from her recent stance, one can expect that Sunny hopes to reform her image. And what better way to accomplish this, than to be theatrical at the sets themselves! Her publicity stunt included her consort, as well as actor Mohit Ahlawat known for Ramu’s ‘James’ and ‘Shiva’.

Sunny denied to shoot further until hubby Daniel Weber’s arrival at the sets. The reason? Well, she says to have been panic-stricken by the brawl Mohit Ahlawat started. Mohit is Sunny’s co-actor in the film ‘Leela’. Mohit saw a man chatting with Leone and was not very happy by the way he was talking. Known to be reserved and keeping to himself at the sets, Mohit was quite solicitous on seeing this man talking with Sunny. He found the talk utter offensive and decided to act. He interrupted when he found the conversation was nothing but an open slight to Leone and this is when the show started.

This random guy vexed Mohit to such an extent that the two started squabbling , with the fight ending in a tight slap right on the poor guy’s face! Leone was dismayed by her co-actor’s exasperation. She scurried to her vanity van, saying that Mohit’s vehement behavior scared the bejesus out of her, and she was too frightened to exit the van. Rather than being obliged for what Mohit did to protect her, she was not very thankful and acted queer by being scared, or at least pretending to be scared. The former porn star demanded security; and despite of ample assurances from the crew members, she asserted that she would feel safe only after her sweetheart Daniel Weber came to her rescue.

However, it seemed like producer Bobby Khan’s brother Ahmed Khan, the choreographer wanted the topic closed very soon. When asked about the incident, he explicitly denied any contention on the sets! He stated that, "Mohit is a serious actor and he doesn't talk much to anyone. No one slapped anyone on the sets.". But it is evident from the recent happening that Mohit is not exactly the shy kind after all.