OMG! Salman Khan dating a married woman

For quite sometime, news is doing all the rounds of Salman Khan dating a Romanian television star lulia Vantur and it is also said that the duo is contemplating marriage. But the latest to be heard about lulia is that she is already married. So, now the million dollar question is whether Salman Khan is dating a married woman.

Grapevine buzzed that lulia Vantur is already married to her on and off boyfriend Marius Moga. He is a Grammy-nominated musician and both are in love for a long time. But the couple quite often hit the headlines for their turbulent relationship in their homeland. They frequently break-up and even more frequently patch-up.

Their volatile relationship quite often occupies the newspaper, media and magazine columns. A Facebook page of Marius says he is married to lulia. On August 7, 2012,  a picture was posted on the social networking site which shows both locking lips.

lulia and Salman Khan’s love story caught fire when lulia accompanied Salman to Hyderabad when the later was shooting for his upcoming movie, ‘Mental’. When lulia visited Mumbai few months back, she stayed with Salman’s parents as the city is unknown to her and as she has no friends in Mumbai and the language is unknown to her.

It is also rumored that Salman Khan helped his alleged girlfriend to find a home in Mumbai.

lulia's marital status would certainly dishearten Salman’s die hard fans. The superstar’s fans, family, colleagues everyone wanted to see the actor settle down in life. Iulia was a ray of hope for them but now her married status spilled water on Salman's bright chance to settle down.

Whether Sallu truly feels special for Iulia is not yet known but it has been proved that the Romanian beauty is married to a musician.

Sangeeta Bijlani, Somy Ali, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Katrina Kaif and now added to the list is lulia Vantur.