OMG: Raveena Tandon slaps her co-star Madhur Mittal

Yes, it is true that Raveena Tandon has slapped her co-star Madhur Mittal but it is all for her comeback film ‘Maatr’. During an emotional scene, director Ashter Sayed wanted the actress to slap her co-star Madhur Mittal for real, to get the right reaction from him.  Raveena was initially hesitant to do so. 

A source says, “Raveena was hesitant to slap Madhur initially, she had her doubts but her director managed to convince her. They spoke about the scene at length and then shot for it. Sometimes when you fake it, it is evident on screen and we wanted to avoid that. So when Raveena agreed to do it and shot for it we could capture her actual reaction.”

It is said that Madhur was not completely aware of the scene.

A source says, “Madhur was angry and shocked, and that is what we wanted to show in the scene. They had to shoot the scene thrice because of camera angles so he was actually got slapped three times but he did not complain about it. Finally the scene turned out to be pretty good . ”

‘Maatr’ is written by Michael Pellico and the film is all set to clash with Sonakshi Sinha’s ‘Noor’ on April 21st.