OMG! Oh My God strikes a chord with the audience

OMG! Oh My God is really a cinematic pleasure. One wonders why, we don’t get stuff like these more often nowadays? Akshay too looks refreshing, after the over the top ‘Rowdy Rathore’ and megaflop ‘Joker’.

But the man who steals the show is Paresh Rawal. At 62, the veteran actor still packs a punch with his terrific acting. His comic timing is the most incredible in this movie.

The audience too is happy with the movie and has given it thumbs up. Akib from Lucknow said, “It is indeed refreshing. The best part of OMG is that it sticks to a proper storyline with powerful narrative without compromising on the Entertainment values. It is a film with a message but it’s definitely not preachy. Paresh Rawal is an actor with one of the finest comic timings in the country and addition of Akki only acts as icing on the cake. Akshay, in his sort of extended guest appearance, is pleasing and soothing to eyes. I would really look forward if he manages to bag full fledged roles with such characterization. Last word: - While OMG goes straight into your heart; it never asks you to leave your brains behind in compensation. Watch it with you full family.”

While Arvind from Dehradun says, “After a long time we have such a wonderful movie to watch”

India is a deeply religious country. Where we learn to fear God as soon as we are born. This sentiment has been misused by a lot of people. Politicians, fake sadhus, fake NGOs and organizers of religious customs have all taken advantage of our sentiments. OMG! Oh My God is daring enough, when it challenges this commercialization of the religious customs prevalent in our country.

OMG begins as a fanciful story. We see Kanji Lalji Mehta (Paresh Rawal), a wealthy businessman, who deals in selling idols of gods and goddess. However Kanjibhai is himself a disbeliever. For him money is his God. After a holy trip from Haridwar, things go wary. An earthquake takes place and Kanjibhai’s shop is destroyed. The insurance company refuses to give compensation as they say it’s an act of God.

In his anger Kanjibhai sues God. At the beginning it seems quite hilarious for a man suing God. But later when Kanji peruses his own case, saying that he used to make a good business only because of the blind faith in God. Kanji really makes the judge as well as the audience think. Is our faith in God really blind? However for Kanjibhai to see some sense, God (Akshay Kumar), himself comes down to earth.

For people who still have a balanced head this movie is worth the watch.