Om Puri's 'ghost' wandering outside his Mumbai house, Pak media

A bizarre news run on Pakistan news channel on January 14, ‘Bol News’, news reader Aamir Liaquat claims in the news channel that the ghost of late actor Om Puri, who passed away on January 6 was seen wandering outside his Mumbai house.

The CCTV footage aired by Bol News shows a man wearing white kurta walking along the street. Pak news channel claims that it is the ghost of veteran actor Om Puri. Bol News channel, claimed Puri's ghost had been spotted in front of his Mumbai home.  

The news channel claimed that Om Puri’s ghost wants to seek revenge against Ajit Doval, India's National Security Adviser. 

The news of Bol News is being aired on AaJ Tak and Social media users reacted to the news on Twitter.

Well, this is not the first time Liaquat cooked and telecast bizarre and controversial news. His first program 'Aalim Online' also came under scanner.

Despite his nuisance, Aamir Liaquat is one of the hot favourite of Pak viewers and his programmes are wide watched. His another programme 'Aisi Nahi Chalay Ga' drew flak for showing violence and hatred.

'He has been playing these gimmicks only to get ratings for his failed channel,' said Zarrar Khuhro, a leading TV talk show host.