Olden days’ film stars who were also talented singers

Our Hindi Film Industry is house of talent. The actors who have been part of this Industry have contributed heavily to it. Many were not just skilled in a particular department pertaining to the entertainment Industry but were also multi-talented. Many were actors who could sing really well. Sometimes they not only gave their voice to their own songs but to others as well.

However, the singing talent of famous actor-singers like Kishore Kumar, Suraiyaa and K. L. Saigal have always over shadowed their acting talent to some extent. Their songs are immortal and they too live in our minds through their songs.

Let us browse through some of these fabulous actors who have also made an irrevocable stamp in singing.

Kishore Kumar-He is fondly remembered as Kishore da . He was born as Abhas Kumar Ganguly  in the town of Khandwa during the times of British India. He is a genius of his times. He has left us with an assemblage of songs which will be treasured forever. However, he also made his mark in acting in films like “Padosan”, “Chalti Ka Naam Gadi”, Half Ticket and Dilli Ka Thug. His acting skills have been remarkable and were widely appreciated by all. He acted in 86 films and gave his voice for 574 films. The popular films were Saagar, Shehensha, Mr. India, Sharaabi, Lawaaris,Rocky and the list goes on. He has won 8 awards at the Filmfare for the “Best Male Playback Singer”. He also sang songs in various other languages other than Hindi.

Talat Mahmood- he was a famous actor and a renowned playback singer who was christened “King of Ghazals” by the industry. In the year 1992 he won “Padma Bhushan”. In films he was cast opposite popular actresses of the time like Nutan, Suraiya, and Mala Sinha and many others. Later he concentrated more on singing. In the year 1941, HMV Music Company recognised his unique voice and presented Talat his first disc-“ Sab din ek samaan nahin tha..”.

Noor Jehan- she began her career at the age of nine. She acted in Sheeal then and was recognised as the best child artist back then. In 1940 she acted in a Punjabi film “Yamla Jatt”. That was also the time when she excelled in her singing career. In 1947, she moved to Pakistan and started her singing and acting career there. She sang about 6000 songs in various languages such as Sindhi, Urdu and Punjabi films.

Suraiyaa- she was born in a small town called Gujranwala in Gujarat. In the 1940s and 50s she was at the peak of her career as an actor and singer. She acted in the film “Usne Kya Socha” in 1937 as a child artist. She acted in Taj Mahal in the role of young Mumtaz which brought her to stardom. she worked with her fellow celebrities such as Motilal, Ashok Kuar, K. L Saigal and Mohammad Rafi as an actor and singer. There are a few songs like ”Man Leta Hai” and “Socha Tha Kya” that remind us of her.

K. L Saigal- He was a famous actor and singer of his times. He was considered a superstar in those days which was an unique tag in those days. He made his debut with the film “Mohabbat Ke Ansoo”. In the year 1932 released “Zinda Laash” and “Subah ka Sitara”. In the year following that released four films that became very popular. They included “Puran Bhagat”,” Bhajoon Main to Bhav se”, “Radhe Rani de Daaron Na Bansari Mori”. He has given his voice to 185 songs, among which 142 songs were for films and 43 were non-film songs.
K.L Saighal
Kishore Kumar
Kishore Kumar
Talat Mehmood