Obscenity Case filed against Ash-Hrithik’s hot kissing scene in Dhoom 2

After Aishwarya Rai’s recent episode with the customs department over a mysterious parcel sent to her with 23 000 Euros, Ash has now got into some more hot water as a case has been filed against her and co-star Hrithik Roshan. The case has been filed as an obscenity case due to the on-screen smooch depicted between the two stars in their recently released film Dhoom 2. The case was filed in the court of judicial magistrate first class R.K. Batham by Advocate Shailendra Dwivedi under sections 292 (vulgarity) and 509 (derogatory to women) of the Indian Penal Code.
Much ado has been made about the on-screen smooch between Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan. The alleged ‘obscene sequence’ is just a few seconds and has been portrayed in a decent manner rather than in a cheap and unbecoming manner. The scene has also caused a lot of grievance for Abhishek and the Bachchan family who were miffed by his supposed girlfriend and their soon to be daughter-in-law’s on-screen kiss. This is the first time that Ash has done an on-screen kiss. According to the complainant who has filed the case, the scene promotes vulgarity in society especially amongst youth and also offends women who venture to watch the film. On 11th December 2006, evidence against the case will be recorded in the court of law.

Though Ash has chosen to remain mum on the issue, actor Hrithik Roshan has no qualms with the scene and considers it a part of the job. Hrithik further adds that even his wife Sussanne Roshan had no reservations about him doing the kissing sequence. Hrithik says “My wife has laid down only one condition-if you’re going to kiss on-screen, this better be the best bloody kiss in the entire world! That was her only pre-condition and it was a challenge I had to live up to.” But the fabulous actor has also managed to live up to the expectations of his wife and says “She’s very proud of my kiss and she is fully satisfied with the end result.” Hrithik credits the acceptance of his work by his wife to her being the most wonderful level headed woman.

Hrithik is currently busy with the shooting of his next film Jodha Akbar; again with Ash as his co-star, this will be his first period film. Recently Hrithik Roshan along with his wife and father Rakesh Roshan visited IFFI at Goa where his film Krrish was being screened and the Roshans were warmly welcomed and congratulated for the success of their film at the event.