Nysa's very protective of Yug, Kajol

After the birth of her second child, Yug, Kajol has not yet returned to acting. She is still on break and enjoying playing mother to her two children, Yug and Nysa. In an interview, Kajol goes candid and spoke in length about her two children, her childhood and how protective is Nysa about Yug.

When she was questioned about her daughter Nysa, she said, “Nysa is a special child. The way her mind works is amazing. In this (matter) she's like Ajay, thinking from every side of a situation. She's not friendly and won't say Hi. She'll wait a day or so, while all the information is processing through her mind. She's different from Yug, who's very friendly and will say hello to even strangers in the lift. Nysa's very protective of Yug. When I ask her whom she loves more, she thinks and says it's me. But I know”.

Kajol is a strict mother and Ajay doesn’t like when she scolds them at his presence, “I have to be strict because I'm more of an 'at home' parent. When Ajay is around, it's playtime. Our children are used to me in his absence”, she quips.

Recalling her childhood, she said, "I feel very bad for my mother, granny, aunts and uncles. I was much more of a brat than my children are. Of course, I was an angel when my mom was around; then I was a monster, a cute lovable monster”.

Kajol is taking her own time to return to acting and in no hurry to return to films.