Nude image leak: Preeti Gupta miffed; Calls it ‘violation of privacy’

It is barely a couple of months since ‘Badlapur’ actress Radhika Apte’s nude video went viral online when another actress of ‘Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki’ fame Preeti Gupta finds herself in the midst of a similar controversy.

Images of the actress’ nude scenes and kissing scenes from her film based on same-sex relationship were recently leaked online and got picked up by some porn sites. This naturally created a commotion on the social media.

The leaked pictures are said to be from a film titled ‘Unfreedom’ directed by Raj Amit Kumar. The film also stars Victor Banerjee and Adil Hussain.

The 29-year-old actress has spoken up on the issue calling it “a violation of privacy.” Talking to a leading national daily, Preeti said, “It’s true that the actors are vulnerable, and I am actually very angry about it. It’s bizarre and a violation of privacy. It’s not cool, and if there is anything to be banned, it’s such kind of things.

“Shooting such scenes needs dedication and discipline. It’s very challenging. The concept of the film made sense to me and that’s why we decided to show the truth of the situation. Ultimately, we were trying to recreate two hours of reality. Our intention is not to titillate but to show you the truth. It needs courage,” she added.

‘Unfreedom’ was released in May in the US after the Censor Board banned the film in India due to its adult content. The Florida-based director had reportedly refused to edit out the portions that the Censor Board found objectionable.

Saying that the ban was unjustified, the actress further said, “I find the ban very ridiculous, why should anything be banned? Don’t you trust the audience’s intelligence? One needs to watch the film to get the message, no? See, we are all adults and we should be given the choice to judge the content of a film. Homosexuality is very natural, what’s so different about it?”

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