Now you can have a bite of Kareena Kapoor!

Its sounds strange isn’t but its true that now you can have a bite of the size zero actress and after a bite, you will find that she tastes cheesy and yummy. An international pizza chain has introduced a size zero pizza inspired by Kareena Kapoor and Bebo who is out of the country doesn’t even know that a pizza has been named after her. It was her Delhi based sister Karisma Kapoor who informed her about the new introduction of pizza.

Kareena Kapoor who is a great pizza fan thrilled to hear this. “I love Italian food,’’ says Bebo. “I must eat pizza at least twice a week; and yes, I’m flattered that a pizza has been named after me.’’ But, she added, “Honestly speaking, I’m no longer a size zero. I’m slightly rounded because I need to be that way for my role in Karan Johar’s Hindi version of Step Mom.”

Kareena added that she was so crazy about pizza that her mother once landed with a pizza to her shooting location where it was unavailable.