Now I will go abroad for treatment, Salman Khan

Due to hectic shooting schedule and court cases Salman Khan has not been able to go abroad for check-up and further treatment. But now the actor is destined not to delay anymore and fly to the US. In 2011, Salman Khan underwent surgery for nerve disorder. He has been suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia, a kind of nerve disorder which cause intense pain on face. He has recovered but time to time he requires check-up.

In 2011, he underwent four hours long surgery. The actor spoke to the media at a Celebrity Cricket League match in Kochi on Saturday night about heading abroad, "I had to delay going due to the acting schedules and the court cases. But now I will go". 

His younger brother Sohail too confirmed the news saying, "Though he is doing fine, he will go to the US for treatment. It is not decided yet when he will go. But whenever he has time, he will fly to the US for treatment. We are sure all will be good."

Salman Khan has been ruling the box-office over four years. He is regarded as the box-office king. For the past four years, all his movies made 100 crore business. 

Salman Khan’s diary is indeed packed for 2013. He is doing ‘Sher Khan’, ‘I Am Hariprasad’ ‘No Entry Main Entry’, ‘Partner 2’ and ‘Kick’.   When he was about the court case, he said: "I cannot talk about it right now."

Hope, the ‘Dabangg’ star gets well soon and he returns to work and provide the audience some masaladar entertainment.