#NotMyDeepika trends after Deepika Padukone spotted at Luv Ranjan’s house

Deepika Padukone’s fans are upset with the actress for signing Luv Ranjan’s next and no sooner she has been spotted outside the director’s house with her ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor, hashtag #NotMyDeepika trends on social media.

“Girl your a** better be not signing that luvrat movie or we going unstanning,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “The fact that she met him and find it in herself to even sit and talk to him is disappointing enough for me but her doing this film will prove that she’s nothing less than hypocrite,” wrote another.

"#notmydeepika When you work with an abuser, you not only nullify the attempts of the survivors to finally achieve some justice, you also stain your own legacy as well. You'll lose respect and credentials as an artist @deepikapadukone Don't do this," wrote another Twitterati.

On such user wrote, "Even tho nothing is confirmed, y’all are trending #NotMyDeepika but where is #NotMyRanbir & #NotMyAjay ? Where? Why is that only a woman is always the one to be blamed? hypocrites! Why is she the only one getting hate? Just say that y’all hate women (sic)."

Luv Ranjan has been accused of #MeToo by an actor. He denied the allegation. 

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