Non filmy siblings of Bollywood stars

Irrespective of the frenzied glitter and glamor surrounding the cine stars, there always remains a need for identification and association with the warmth of familial bond, wherein siblings play a major role.

The kaleidoscopic picture of pelf, success, recognition along with their opposite counterparts may not directly touch the star siblings because quite a number of them have opted for a low keyed existence away from that of dazzling showbiz.

1. Shweta Nanda
Shweta Nanda












The adorable daughter of the Bachchan household is the only one to stay away from the focus of glare and stare. The loving sister of the younger Abhishek is content with her own home spun life. Married to the industrialist of Escorts’ fame Nikhil Nanda; she is the proud mother of two children. Despite having high connections to boast of, the little exposure of hers to camera testifies to the lady’s charming simplicity and graceful mannerisms.

2. Ridhima Kapoor
Riddhima Kapoor






The lady with a glowing complexion and striking good looks truly inherits the gorgeous beauty of the Kapoor heritage. Despite being a socialite, the lady has chosen a path away from ramp and celluloid. Much unlike her celebrated cousin and dashing brother, she opted for marriage and motherhood ahead of a career steeped in glamour.

3. Vijayeta Basu
Vijayeta Basu











The B town bombshell’s younger sibling has the aura of glitz and glamour much on the lines of her elder sister, Bipasha. Despite being rarely seen on cameras, she will be a perfect one for the tinsel town. The Bong beauty, presently involved with higher education abroad in England may soon have the glamour world swooning.

4. Priya Dutt
Priya Dutt







She follows her fathers’ footsteps not in the sparkling world films but in murky and uncertain waters of politics. Having created a niche in it, she is happy to stay away from bright lights. Without clamoring for headlines by way of controversies, she comes as a striking contrast to her immature elder brother; Sanjay Dutt of’ Munna Bhai’ fame. Happily married to Owen Roncon, she is also the mother of a baby boy. In Priya we have a complete woman with a striking identity.

5.  Arpita Khan
Arpita Khan









The darling baby sister of the much acclaimed Salman bhai has always been the special sis closest to his heart, offering him the much needed comfort through his various trials and tribulations. In spite, of her adopted status she is immensely loved and doted upon by her star struck elder brothers.

6. Rajeev Sen
Rajeev Sen
























Despite being tall with striking physique and feature Sushmita Sen’s younger brother is yet to enter the big bad world of bright lights and fame. Known for his good looks he was seen in couple of fashion shows along with his celebrity sister.

7. Rangoli
Rangoli Ranaut








The younger sister of the budding actress Kangana, Rangoli presents a picture of peaceful charm and poise in contrast to Kanganas’ oomph and curls. Despite her tragic past she has moved ahead in her non filmy world.

Being the siblings of acclaimed cine stars is by no means an easy proposition. It has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, their contribution in enriching the lives of their respective brother or sister cannot be denied.