No love left for Ranbir, Deepika removes RK tattoo

Deepika Padukone inked RK tattoo on her nape when her romance with Ranbir Kapoor was at the peak but now with no love left, the long legged dusky beauty got rid of RK tattoo. When she was dating the Kapoor lad, she inked RK tattoo in order to flaunt her strong feeling for Ranbir. But it has been more than two years that she ended her relationship with the ‘Barfi’ actor and there seems no room for reunion as Ranbir has already found love on Katrina Kaif. Hence, Deepika Padukone removed RK tattoo from the nape of her neck.

In the latest coca cola ad, Deepika clearly hinted at her famous ‘RK’ inked on her nape which now disappeared and asked her audience “meri gardan pe kya dekh rahe ho, bottle ki gardan pe sahi daam likha hai.”!

Director Anurag Kashyap who shot the ad claims he did not see any tattoo on Deepika's neck as his eyes were fixed on the camera only.

Well, it is not yet clear if Deepika had truly erased RK tattoo or she has hide it off by photo shopped or it is the result of excessive make-up, cream that concealed her tattoo.

It is said that Deepika was head over heels in love with the actor but it was Ranbir who cheated on her. The actress was heartbroken with the break-up and it took time to get out of the trauma. Post break-up with Ranbir, she moved on in life and was also linked with Siddharth Mallya but she concentrated on her career than any other things and delivered one after another hit.

She is now said to be dating Ranveer Singh but the actress has not yet made her relationship public as she is not ready to commit at this stage of life when her career is going great guns.