No lip-locking between Aishwarya-Ranbir, Bachchans pleased

Filmmaker Karan Johar assured that there will be no lip-locking scene between Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Ranbir Kapoor in ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’. This very assurance will surely relieved the Bachchans who were worried about their bahu getting intimate with her co-star.

Going by the trailer, it was highly speculated that Ash and Ranbir will be seen in few lip-locking and intimate scenes but Karan spilled water in the hopes of the fans. He refuted all such fake stroies and said, "The CBFC understood the essence of the film. What you see (in the promo) is what you get. There is no kissing, not even a lip-lock, or skin show. The sensuality is conveyed through the eyes. It's in the attitude - the one thing that you cannot fake."

Karan added, "She is a poetess in the film. She is a woman of substance in every which way. She knows her mind and heart. We were honest to the film and the story. What you see on screen is glimpse of that character. Not for a second I was apologetic about it."

And with Aish in the picture, nothing can be indecent, claims KJo. "She is clear about her decisions. I knew the dignity that Aishwarya brings to every character. So, you don’t look at it and question about supposed lack of decency as it’s always elegant. To me this is the woman who knows herself and they (scenes) have to be done in certain way," he told reporters.

Aishwarya too opened up about her steamy scenes with Ranbir and said, "Today I have worked, I know the overview. It is about how you approach a character and doing that is relevant to times from 20 years ago. It is done in a classy way. It is not frivolous sensuality on screen."

Well, huge relief for the Bachchans!