No Indian Entry for Oscars!

Bollywood out of oscars?Indian cinema is said to be popular in Hollywood, but no entry is being sent this time from India for Oscars. The Film Federation of India sends films to bid for Oscars awards, after screening all the entries received from the producers...
...Unfortunately the entries received from the producers of 'Koi Mil Gaya', 'Andaaz', 'Jajantaram Mamantaran' and 'Jogger's Park' were considered unworthy of recommending for the coveted awards. The entries of 'Choker Bali' and 'Mr and Mrs Iyer', though received in other categories, did not qualify, as they didn't fulfill other conditions.

The film producers are very much perturbed with the decision of the FFI though Amit Khanna, president of the Film Producers Guild of India agreed with the FFI decision. Bobby Bedi, the producer of 'Bandit Queen', has criticised the FFI decision not to recommend any Indian entry for the Oscars. Bedi wonders how the FFI can deny hundreds of Indian movies made during this year their right to bid for Oscars. At a time when Hollywood is looking towards India in many spheres like co-production of films, the absence of Indian entries for Oscars would indeed send a wrong signal to Hollywood producers.