No I don't have ba**s, I have a vagina: Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut, who made a stunning revelation on Rajat Sharma’s show, ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ has now again hogged the limelight for her daring statement in one of her latest interview with critic Anupama Chopra.

While speaking to Anupama Chopra, the ‘Queen’ actress spoke about feminism and women empowerment. Kangana said, "We've not been able to give our women respect and comfort with their sexuality."

Kangana Ranaut cited an example of how people reacted when she got injured on the sets of her upcoming film 'Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi'.

"A lot of people from my crew came and said 'Oh you've got ba**s, you've got ba**s, you've got ba**s'" Kangana said.

Kangana retorted, "No I don't have ba**s, I have a vagina. Why can't anyone say that word? It's much cooler to say 'You've got ovaries'."

Kangana Ranaut also spoke about her role in upcoming film 'Simran'. She said, "I really pushed this angle of Simran being a woman who really enjoys having sex. I felt it was important for our nation to come to terms (with the fact that) women want to have sex."

"This is something I forced into the script," Kangana said.

"(Simran) doesn't have shame in picking up boys, she's single, she's divorced, she's dated many men, and she takes great pride in that," Kangana added.

Last week, Kangana Ranaut made some explosive statements about Hrithik Roshan. She demands apology from the actor and his family.

"He (Hrithik) and his father have made fools of themselves, they should apologise to me in public. Even if they don't, I will clarify to the world what happened to the case. The case has not died down. They couldn't prove anything," she told critic Rajeev Masand.

"I stayed quiet till now because I needed time to understand what all they (Roshan family) were doing... Of course it was all lies, but I didn't know what they would do next. I was scared. Look at what happened to the Malayalam actress because she went and complained to the actor's wife," said Kangana Ranaut.

She added, "They got her raped... Of course that was much after my case, but I was scared. So many things happen to women. The media would call me, or my sister and say, 'You are not safe... You guys should move to a safe place or go in hiding'."

Without naming anyone, Kangana Ranaut said she used to get calls from people from the industry who told her, "You should apologise, they are powerful people."

"He (Hrithik) and his father claimed they would expose me and shock the world, but they couldn't prove anything. He (Hrithik) slapped a notice saying she caused great harm to my reputation because she called me a 'silly ex'... I am the silly ex. But, he couldn't prove it. So, he changed his stance and said... She's right, she had an affair, but that wasn't me, it was an imposter. But, he couldn't prove that also," Kangana said.