No case was filed, Kangana opens up about her spat with Hrithik

Kangana Ranaut, who off late entangled in a fight with Bollywood superhero Hrithik Roshan said that no case was filed against her. Without naming Hrithik, the ‘Queen’ actress said that during the controversy, there was a lot of pressure on her to come up with a sob story but she had none to offer. 

Kangana said that there were no legal proceedings in her recent spat. "The incident I faced recently is very different from what I faced in the past. This time there were no legal proceedings against me. There was lot of media drama, threats, lot of slut shaming but there was no case filed against me. There was no question of fighting it legally," Kangana said during an event.

She further added that there was lots of feminist pressure on her. "There was a sudden feminist pressure on me to fight. And talk about the sob story I had. But I didn't have that," said Kangana, adding that she was in a "consensual equation with an individual".

"And I was perfectly capable of dealing with the stuff that was coming my way as an adult. But I was pressurised to a point that I started questioning what exactly is feminism."

Kangana also added that she is not the kind of person who will fight for an individual's approval or plead for his acceptance publicly, "If not allowing a man to use the prerogative of 'no' and just making it a prerogative of woman is feminism then I am not a feminist. A no means no.

"If somebody wants nothing to do with me and feels ashamed of me or wants to get rid of me, then the only thing I am going to do to that individual is to say goodbye. Because I feel in the realm of love only one language should be used, the language of poetry."