NIT row: Anupam Kher detained at Srinagar airport

Veteran actor Anupam Kher faces the wrath of NIT Srinagar row. He was detained at Srinagar airport this morning. Amidst tension at NIT campus, the actor left for Srinagar this morning to visit the NIT students.

The actor posted series of tweet which started from his landing at the Srinagar airport till he returned back home.

His first tweet read,” Landed in Srinagar. ‘HOME’ away from home. Will go to #NITSrinagar & meet the students & give them a warm hug & a special gift.:)”

However, the actor least had the idea that he would be stopped from visiting his ancestral home. His next tweets, “ I have been told by J&K police that I cannot enter Srinagar city at all. I have asked them to show me the orders. Still at the airport.”

It was followed by another tweet, “Asked J&K Police if I can visit my ancestral home or Kheer Bhawani temple. Even that is not allowed. Basically it is #AirportArrest. Waiting for official orders to be shown to me. #Kashmir #NITSrinagar.”

While returning back home, he wrote on Twitter, "My view of Kashmir was clouded today. But i am sure these clouds will clear one day. There'll b sunlight.:)#Optimism As i return from Srinagar airport, my heart is heavy but i have hope that things will change & become better. I remain an #EternalOptimist. Sometimes situations try their level best to make u cynical & bitter. I wont let that happen. I'll always want Hope & Optimism to triumph:) Thank you Srinagar airport staff, J&K Police & other authorities for your warmth & hospitality while i was at d airport. I will be back.:)

Back home speaking to ANI, Kher said, ‘If they say this is a law and order situation, I will say that millions of people go to the university, it’s an open place. Why should they stop me and as a citizen of this country I should be allowed to go anywhere. I am not going there to create problem. I am just going there to give them a sense of warmth’.

 ‘Anybody who talks in favour of things they become rhetoric and anybody who talks against the nation becomes news. I think we need to change that. It is always good to go back to Kashmir but today the purpose is different. Today the purpose is to meet the NIT Srinagar students to boost their morale.

And as an individual, as an India I want to do that. We are at that time when some individual are saying things like ‘desh ki barbaadi’ etc. So, it is important to become voice of millions of Indians,’ he added.

The actor further said that he would also like to meet Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to express his concern over the NIT unrest. ‘Sometimes things are symbolic. I believe in doing things rather than talking about it. I will also like to meet Mehbooba Mufti ji,’ he said.

Kher categorically denied that he has connections with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). ‘I have a very good relationship with Ghulam Nabi Azad ji. I appreciate (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi ji because he is a great leader. I don’t want to criticise any government,’ he said. Kher had earliersaid that he was visiting the NIT to express solidarity and provide moral support to the students. ‘I am visiting there at a personal level. It’s a symbolic gesture as it is most important to show them solidarity.

It's important to give NIT Srinagar students’ moral support. I'm going there as a citizen to meet students,’ Kher told ANI here.

‘I am not going to flare-up this issue. I will visit there as a citizen, I don’t have any political fan following. I will also try to meet Mehbooba ji. I have not informed anyone, I have no security arrangements, I am going as a passenger,’ he added.