Nishikant Kamat turns baddie for ‘Rocky Handsome’

Filmmaker Nishikant Kamat is set to turn an actor with his upcoming action thriller ‘Rocky Handsome’ starring John Abraham. He will be seen in the role of a villain, Kevin Pereira.

In an interview with a leading portal, Nishikant spoke about how he ‘bagged’ the role. “The person who was supposed to play the villain in ‘Rocky Handsome’ developed cold feet at the eleventh hour and he backed out of the film. I have this habit of shaving off my head after every film of mine, which I did after finishing my last directorial, 'Lai Bhaari'. Fortunately, the villain was required to be bald,” he said adding that one of his assistants suggested him to take up the role. “After a lot of thought process, I agreed to do the villain's role,” the director said.

Nishikant had earlier dabbled with acting in Marathi film, 'Saatchya Aat Gharat', and Hindi films like 'Hava Aney Dey' and '404 Error Not Found'.

"I enjoy acting and am confident in front of the camera but doing it in your own film can be scary. Also, it's not easy to be a director as well as act at the same time. I might not do it ever again," the filmmaker said and added that his final look was conceptualised in 48 hours.

Nishikant plays a Goan gang-lord in the film and the years he spent in Goa have helped him in the role. Moreover, he understands the character pretty well as he has written the script as well. Saying that John was initially shocked to learn that he was playing the villain, the director said, “We don't look like protagonists so playing an antagonist is the only option."

‘Rocky Handsome’ is loosely based on 2010 Korean film ‘The Man from Nowhere’. Also starring Shruti Haasan and Natalia Kaur, the film is set to release on March 25.