Nishant Malkani denies being harassed by Riya Sen

‘Ragini MMS Returns’ is very much in news for its sex content. Riya Sen’s sex scene with her co-star Nishant Malkani is breaking the internet. The poster of Riya Sen pulling down Nishant’s pant created a new controversy. It is highly buzzed that the actress sexually harassed Nishant Malkani. However, the actor totally denied the rumour and expressed shock over the spreading of the false news.

In an interview, Nishant Malkani clarified the sexual harassment controversy. Nishant justified that it was not ‘sexual harassment’ and has been done only for a sequence.

As reported in DNA, Nishant said, “I was stunned with all the reports of Riya sexually harassing me. For God’s sake, I would know if I was sexually harassed. And I am man enough to own up to it if it happened. It is ridiculous to even suggest that Riya took advantage of me.” He further added, ” If she pulled my pants down she did it for the scene. I am okay with it. She’s okay with it. Her husband is okay with it. Then who are these people shouting about sexual harassment?”

He also said that the whole issue was just sensationalized in the name of ‘sexual harassment’. He added, ” Sexual harassment is a very serious matter. Please don’t trivialise it by using it for sensational headlines. Man or woman, it is equally important to come forward if you are sexually harassed. And I don’t think my mardaangi would be challenged if I owned up to being harassed.”