Nikki Tamboli’s brother dies due to Covid-19 at 29

Nikki Tamboli of ‘Bigg Boss’ fame lost her brother to Covid-19. He was just 29 and was battling Covid-19 for some days in hospital.  

Nikki took to her Instagram account to share the sad news. "My brother was just 29 he was dealing with lot of health issues since many years ...20 days back my brother got admitted in hospital as his lungs was collapsed he was surviving on 1 lung he tested positive for tuberculosis and covid in the hospital he also got pneumonia and today morning his heart stopped beating and responding. god have been always kind to me and my family he saved my brother many times but as we say what is written is written in the destiny no one can ever change that I thank all of them who prayed for my brother. He was tired of the hospital. He is in the better place and in the better hands," she wrote on her Instagram Stories.

Nikki Tamboli also penned an emotional notein memory of her brother, "We didn’t know that this morning god was going to call your name.. In life we loved you dearly In death we do the same It broke our hearth to lose you You didn’t go alone For part of us we went with you The day god called you home You left us beautiful memories Your love is still our guide And though we cannot see you You are always by our side Our family chain is broken And nothing seems the same But as god calls us one by one The chain will link again. You gave no one a last farewell Not ever said good bye You were gone before we knew it, And only god knows why A million times we will miss you A million times we will cry If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died We will meet again someday I thank God he made you our brother while you were here on earth You are always loved immensely and never forgotten May your soul Rest in peace," she added in her post.

Last week, Nikki had organised a puja at her home for her the well-being of her brother, "God will answer your prayers better than you think...ofcourse,one will not always get exactly what he has asked for.. we all have sorrows and disappointments but one must never forget that, if commended to god they will issue in good.. his own solution is far better than any we could conceive," she wrote alongside the puja picture.

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