Newlywed Divyanka-Vivek lashes out at media

Newly wedded couple Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya lashes out at media for publishing false news and tarnishing their image. Yesterday, a news carried out by a leading paper that Divyanka refused to shoot for a fashion calendar by a designer as she wanted her husband Vivek to include in the picture.

It did not end here, it is also reported the ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ actress demanded a sum of Rs 5 lakh for the photo-shoot.

Now, Divyanka’s husband and actor Vivek Dahiya has vented out his anger on the media and tagging those websites which carried out the false news and wrote on his Instagram page. He wrote, “I’ve been advised time and again to stay calm and ignore these stupid fake tales but it’s about time that I vocalise my sentiments. We’re much more than a group of nepotism-driven, preferentially treated people. Look closely! #Spotboye #TellyChakkar#TheIndianExpress#DNA #IndiaNews#InternationalBusinessNews#YahooIndiaNews and others who’ve pounced on everybit of hogwash they found!”

Divyanka Tripathi too expressed her anger on her social media account,”I respect those few news groups who refrain from the#CopyPaste culture, who believe in finding the truth and transmitting it to the readers. There’s something more important than viewership and numbers… Its #Humanityand#ProfessionalEthics.

Earlier, Divyanka highly slammed media for violating journalism ethics.

# Something happens -NEWS.
Nothing happens - FAKE NEWS.
Job well done. Only... Humanity gone for a toss!

# #Media, doing its work all right by blindly transmitting information. 
Respect to a few, practicing #Journalism with#HonestyAndIntegrity.

# Defaming, bashing, false allegations..Throw it at me, I'll bounce it back! Thanks critics. You are making me bigger, better & stronger.