Newborn baby’s body found at Mohnish Behl’s bungalow

Another case of female foeticide is witnessed in Mumbai and this time the body of a newborn girl was dumped at veteran actor Mohnish Behl’s bungalow. The girl’s body was wrapped in a polythene bag and thrown in the swimming pool of the bungalow. The case raised alarm and the actor was immediately informed.

The body was at first discovered by the security of Mohnish’s bungalow, “I was on my customary morning round of the bungalow when I suddenly saw something in the swimming pool. It was a baby girl’s body.

It was wrapped in polythene and tied with a stone. I immediately called up sir (Behl),” he said. When contacted, Behl sounded distress. “It was a two-day-old girl child and I suspect it to be a case of female infanticide. I really don’t understand this.

If someone does not want a child, why can’t they give her away for adoption instead of killing her?” he asked. Throwing more light on the incident, Behl said, “My manager got a call from the watchman who takes care of our bungalow, saying that he had found a plastic bag with a body, inside the swimming pool. Our swimming pool is an open space and accessible to people. I immediately told him to inform the police.

My wife-manager Ekta and I reached the house within a couple of hours,” he added. PSI Azam from Mumbra police station said, “We have registered a case under section 318 of IPC. We will visit the adjoining slums to investigate. Doctors who conducted the post mortem said the body has been in the water for around two days.”

The farmhouse, located at Parsik hills, has been empty for several years. Investigation is on.