Poster: Randeep and Nandana get bold in ‘Rang Rasiya’

Director Ketan Mehta’s film ‘Rang Rasiya’ based on the life and work of famous 19th century painter Raja Ravi Varma will be finally released on 7th November after a six year delay. The censor board had objected to several scenes in the film which contained nudity. But the makers are happy that the film will see a theatrical release after all.

In the past few months the film has been screened at various international festivals and has received high praises. In India it was originally scheduled to release on this year’s Diwali holiday but the release was pushed back to avoid clashing with the SRK starrer ‘Happy New Year’.

A new poster of the film has been released recently. The poster features Nandana Sen who plays the muse of Raja Ravi Varma, sitting with a Veena in her hands like goddess Saraswati. Randeep Hooda who plays Ravi Varma, is seen standing behind her, with paint brush in hand and an intense look. The poster contains colours of the autumn season and makes a great visual impact. This poster is also important because it conveys a vital fact about Raja Ravi Varma that he was the first artist to paint Gods and goddesses on canvas. For this he was disgraced by his contemporary society. Two other posters from the film has been released already, both are colourful and depict the artist and his muse in various poses.

Lead actor Randeep Hooda feels that the delay will not be affecting the fate of the film. Very recently he told the media, “It’s a very controversial film and has faced censorship problems. So, to make this film reach to everyone, we needed a partnership and now Penn Movies is with us. We will have a good reach…it took a long time though.” The actor last seen in ‘Kick’ also added, “This film is based years back, so its not that the delay will affect the film any way. Controversy creates curiosity and people talk about it. The more people talk about it (the film), it will help”.

Actress Nandana Sen who will be seen onscreen after a long time has reacted on the controversy surrounding the film. In a recent interview she said, “Rang Rasiya focuses on art and freedom, not sex and nudity.” When asked about the film’s box office prospects, she said, “I'm no box-office guru. I can't pretend to understand its temperament. But I can confidently say that Rang Rasiya is a unique film, with a moving story, a strong conscience, stunning visuals, and fabulous music - all the stuff I look for when I go to the cinema!”