New Look: Priyanka sports a new short hairdo

Priyanka Chopra is known as one of the most talented contemporary actresses in Bollywood. This gorgeous former Miss World has mostly been seen with long, silky smooth tresses. However, on Saturday 17th of January she tweeted “It’s time for doing something spontaneous, will chop off tresses”.

Later, after she achieved her new, cool and chic hairstyle she posted a photograph for her fans on popular social media website Facebook. Along with the picture she posted, she wrote “Hold on! Blown away, wow”! Pee Cee’s elation is apparent in her reaction and she clearly loves her new hairdo just as much as her fans.

She later posted on Twitter “Just for you RT love you”. In these photos Piggy Chops is seen wearing a black outfit. She looks rather laid back and is seen enjoying her time at the salon. Her red lipstick, black outfit and her brand new hairstyle made her look every bit of the sultry star that she is. 

Actors, especially the ones who achieve youth icon status are always in search for ways to update their style and their look. This is a guaranteed way to revive or retain popularity. But for Priyanka, it seems that she was bored of the monotony of her long lustrous tresses. Hence, she chopped them off and gladly showcased her brand new avatar. In fact, a source revealed that the reason why Pee Cee chose to get a new hairdo was simply because she was feeling adventurous and wanted to experiment.

The experiment has paid off well and Priyanka looks hotter than ever before. She was seen at an event sporting this hairdo and looked poised and stylish as ever. Her slightly curled and slightly tousled hairdo is likely to begin a trend. Most of Priyanka’s female fans have described her look as cool, lovely, adorable and chic. And it looks like some of these fans will be incorporating this hairstyle in their look, in their own unique way.

Other actresses who were seen transforming their looks through their hairstyles recently, were Anushka Sharma and Sonakshi Sinha. Now, Piggy Chops has joined them and looks just as stunning. When Priyanka was portraying the role of Kiara in the 2010 movie ‘Anjaana Anjaani’, she sported a straight, short and no hassle hairstyle on screen. According to her incredibly supportive fans, “long hair or short hair, Priyanka always looks the best, because she is the best”.