New Instagram pic ignites Deepika, Ranveer romance rumour

"Don't we look great together?" – said Ranveer Singh, referring to who else but Deepika Padukone! This five word caption is what he posted on Instagram , accompanied by his selfie with Deepika – a shot that is cute and romantic at the same time. The dashing actor has been continuously gathering fame with his energetic work in ‘Ramleela’, ‘Gunday’ and flirty image in ‘Ladies vs Ricky Behl’. He is already rumored to have romanced with Anushka Sharma. "I have always expressed the desire to reunite with her because she is the most brilliant and talented actress I have collaborated with so far... She makes me a better actor ", said the actor, while he was dating Anushka.

He was even quoted bragging about himself, "I am an amazing boyfriend, the best boyfriend ever”, though his fans were confused - in context of which one of his lady love was he talking? Deepika – Ranveer romance has been exciting the fans, ever since the actors began the shooting of ‘Ramleela’. The thrill intensified when Hindustan Times asked him if Deepika has ever called him Ranbir, (Deepika's ex) by mistake, when Ranveer said half jokingly, “No, she hasn’t. I would be mortified if she did that, ever!”

Now here we are, with crazy fans asking if the casanova-imageD Ranveer is really serious about Deepika? Apparently, the ‘Ramleela’ kiss was the hottest kiss ever, with Ranveer calling it “the most beautiful and best kiss” in Bollywood until now; this very event marking the beginning of a thoroughly entertaining chemistry between the two- even off screen! While the outspoken actor keeps making the headlines with his comments every now and then, Deepika is rather shy and quiet regarding her private life. But most would agree that Padukone has silently acknowledged Ranveer’s "Don't we look great together?" The two were spotted wearing matching outfits at Mumbai's Olive Bar on April 13. It is worth noting that the famous Hollywood pair Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were also seen in matching tuxedos at BAFTA, and Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' did the same when they were married.

Ranveer and Deepika might like to keep their relationship a secret. Whether she calls him just a special person, or denies planning to tie the knot in 2105, the media will always keep us updated by giving us glimpses of their escalating romance- scrutinizing everything form Instagram captions to romantic dates!