Ness Wadia's mother Maureen Wadia slams Preity Zinta

As beautiful as the couple looked together, who knew that things would go so terrible bad? Preity Zinta started dating businessman Ness Wadia in 2005 and soon rumors of their engagement started doing the rounds. But their relationship took a turn four year later when Ness insulted Preity in public. The two have been in the news since then and now one person has made fresh statements on this matter.

Preity has earlier been heard answering the questions that media threw to her. She hasn’t been quiet about the whole incident. But the Wadia’s have maintained silence since the allegations were made on their son. Finally, they broke the silence and one of the family members came out to talk about it. Ness Wadia’s mother Maureen Wadia spoke to NDTV. In the interview, it is shocking to hear what she has to say about Preity. This is what Maureen said, “We are very reclusive people and we seldom talk to the media. Having said that all I want to say is that whatever she has done is completely uncalled for and has left all of us in a very bad taste, apart from this the matter is subjudice and I wouldn't want to talk about the case.”

Though it was last year that Preity filed complaint against Ness, it all actually began in 2009. It was reported that Ness had slapped Preity in a party. They broke up then but later became business partners and bough the IPL team. Preity was asked about her relationship in a magazine interview in 2013 and the actress has then confirmed the break-up, “Today, Ness and I are still partners in our IPL team... we are friends.”

The two then focused on their team Kings XI Punjab. In June 2014, Preity made serious allegations on Ness. She alleged that Ness had molested her during the match at Wankhede Stadium on 30th May, 2014. As sources reported, Ness grabbed Priety’s hand and used very abusive language, insulting her before others. “Mr Ness Wadia had intimidated me by saying that he could make me disappear as I was a nobody and only an actress and he's a powerful person. I say that I have been tried to be very normal and nice to him as I wanted peace in my life, but the recent afore-stated incident in Mumbai at the Wankhede stadium has left me shattered and fear for my life”, was what the actress said.