Ness Wadia finds true love in Ayesha!

After a quiet break-up with long time girlfriend Preity Zinta, Bombay Dying head honcho Ness Wadia seemed to have moved on in life with utter confidence. It is heard that he has found a new love in Ayesha Thapar, the heiress of Thapar Industries. It’s only a month and Ness got over his past relationship very coolly while Preity is still trying to get over the trauma.

Ness and Ayesha’s proximity was seen at a party. Their camaraderie was tremendous and the two were seen in an upbeat mood chatting and gelling quite well. Their newly developed friendship raised many eye-brows at the party. Ayesha Thapar recently announced separation from her foreigner husband and this news has further intensified the alleged relationship of Ness and Ayesha.

Ness took a quick move in selecting his partner while Priety is yet to select her right man.

Preity and Ness broke-up during the IPL after Preity chooses career over Ness.