Neil Nitin Mukesh trends on twitter

Veteran actress Nirupa Roy who passed away in 2004 is well remembered for her performances in a vast number of films. Playing the quintessential Indian wife or mother whose life is marked by sacrifice and suffering, she had made a well deserved space for herself in the Bollywood film industry spanning over decades. The modern film aficionados pay their respect to the actress in a somewhat different manner as she has become the latest subject of trends on twitter.

Most of the jokes are directed at the stereotypical role that the actress portrayed.

indibrownbeauty @Tanvisaxena14: #NirupaRoy ‘s whatsapp status says: Last cried at…..

Sir Sri Jhunjhunwala @jhunjhunwala 16h When Nirupa Roy cuts an Onion the Onion starts crying.

Rajeev Chitguppi @chitguppi: Hahahhaha…epic…RT “@KiranKotrial: Nirupa Roy lives in a ‘Ro’ house!”

Amrutha @MsAmrutha: Robert Vadra- I bought one third of world’s land with my money. Nirupa Roy- I created half the oceans with my tears.

Pushkar Bendre @pushkarbendre: Nirupa Roy ki kaam wali bai kehti thi – “Madam thoda idhar aakaar rona to, pocha lagana hai”!!!

Bhak Sala @bhak_sala: Nirupa Roy has cried so much that her tears can guarantee 700 litres of water per day to all citizens of Delhi (even in summers)

azhar momin @aforazhar: Nirupa Roy is mother of Neil Nitin Mukesh.Wife of AlokNath and sister of Rajnikanth.”

Some of the other top trending jokes featuring the late actress are as follows:

1.    One does not simply loose all her sons, husband and an important organ all at a same time unless she is Nirupa Roy

2.    Breaking News! Science discovers that Adam was actually Alok Nath and Eve was Nirupa Roy!

3.    Statistics : Tear-Glands of Nirupa Roy can hold sufficient Water that can fulfill Water Requirement of a Family of 4 for 19 Days

4.    Marrying Nirupa Roy in a movie was an accepted method of committing suicide.

5.    Once Nirupa Roy was given anesthesia. She was crying even when she was unconscious!

6.  Nirupa Roy had telekinetic powers but she could only use them to move bells in temples which would eventually go on to hit her on the head.

7.    Nirupa Roy could have filled the glass full of tears in the BB7 House!

8.    In Parallel Universe, Nirupa Roy has three sons instead of Karan Arjun. They are called Neil Nitin Mukesh.

9.    Nirupa Roy dragged Johnson & Johnson to court over the "No more tears" campaign.

10. Nirupa Roy is brand Ambassador for all sewing machines in India.