Nehlle Pe Dehlla : A curtain raiser

 Sanjay DuttMovie: Nehlle Pe Dehlla

Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Saif Khan, Bipasha Basu & Kim Sharma.

Director Ajay Chandok is filming the climax scene of the movie at Filmistan Studios, Goregaon. Action director Bhiku Verma is working on the...
...stunts on the entire starcast. With this shooting spell, the entire shooting will be complete and the movie will go into the post-production phase shortly.


Sanjay Dutt: He plays Johny, a small time crook whose dream is to become rich and make lots of money.

Saif Khan: He plays Jimmy and has an ambition similar to what Johny aspires for.

Bipasha Basu: She plays the role of a stern hotelier. Her dream is to open a new hotel in Mauritius

Kim Sharma: She plays the role of Bipasha’s friend. She spends a lot of time reading romantic novels and her only dream in life is to get a charming guy for herself.

The Plot

Johny and Jimmy are small time crooks who always land up in jail for their misdeeds. Their meeting in jail leads them to hatch a new plan together – Get richer by Rs 30 crores. They join Bipasha’s hotel as waiters and are looking for a perfect opportunity to lay their hands on her booty. What follows is a total time pass entertainment.

Produced by Mahendra Dhariwal, the film is expected for release in August this year.