Neha Dhupia slams singer Suchitra Krishnamoorthi for ‘Chamchagiri’ remark

Neha Dhupia slammed singer Suchitra Krishnamoorthi for ‘Chamchagiri’ remark. The two ladies got into Twitter war after Suchitra commented that because of filmmaker Karan Johar, people like Neha Dhupia gets work. The singer feels more than nepotism, bootlicking is prevalent in the industry and in this regard she cites Neha Dhupia’s example.

In her tweet, Suchitra said that because filmmaker Karan Johar favours Neha, she gets all her work. Questioning Neha’s credibility as host of TV shows, the singer wrote, “Peeps its not #nepotisminbollywood one shld aggravate against but chamchagiri. I mean how did #nehadhupia suddenly get all these talk shows except that she is #karanjohar s new bestie and #femina Missindia 2002!! - shes no blood relative or star kid is she”.

“Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely...true in all fields. Be it #Politics or #Bollywood or anything. Perspective is everything. The egoistic & powerdrunk mind ceases to see right from wrong . Just my two cents. Om Shanti,” she wrote in another tweet.

Neha sharply reacted to Suchitra's comment, “Dear ma’am , This is possibly the most distasteful and disgraceful tweet I have read ( trust me I have read a lot) to reduce a friendship of many years, that you know nothing about speaks volumes of you and the time you have at hand. I am proud to be self made ... a proud daughter , wife and mother .. and I have the deepest regards for women who can acknowledge that. #strongwomensupportstrongwomen.”

Suchitra later tweeted, “I knew i would get trolled. i have nothing personal against anyone. Of course nobody survives without talent. But do hear what a lot of people are saying - & young kids bng boycotted bec of this whole nepotism debate. Its groupism that thrives (i used the word chamchagiri).”