Neha Dhupia opens up on having a baby girl/baby boy

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi are going to be parents soon and the mommy-to-be opened up having a baby boy or a baby girl.

When Neha was asked about the baby’s arrival time, she replies, “In a few weeks, in many weeks actually. Like they say, it can be anytime. We don’t have an exact date, these things never have an exact date.

When asked if she wants a boy or a girl? She said, “I just want a healthy baby and Angad always says he wants gold medallists. We both had undying wish of becoming athletes and sports people before joining the movies. Every time he’s asked what he wants, he says, both of us have this undying wish that our child to go and represent India in the Olympics and bring back gold.” We continued to ask her about her preferences, she said, “We always say, we want a health happy baby. Girls are more fun to dress up and boys are more notorious – you can go and get them dirty. But if it’s going to be a mini Neha or mini Angad, we don’t know”.

“Mini Neha I think,” she added.

Further when she was asked if baby shopping has started, she said, “I had a baby shower, and I got lots and lots of presents and I thought I’ll start shopping after the shower and I feel like He/She has a bigger wardrobe than the father for sure. Beating mother’s wardrobe is tough. But, he or she definitely has more clothes than father”.

She says Angad desires for a baby girl, “I think he wants a li’l girl”, the mommy-to-be replied. 

Neha said, "We have yet not decided what will be naming our baby. We don't know and even the gifts we are receiving has 'baby' written on them, so ya, we haven't thought about it yet”.

Neha went on to talk about parenting. She said, "For now I am only thinking about diaper changing and feeding the child." When broached on the topic of breastfeeding, which many would-be moms talk of, Neha said, "I will do what is healthy for the baby and the mother."

When asked if she gets tired or not, she said in her Zoom TV interview, "There are days when I am tired but I have an amazing team who take care of things for me and make it all simple. There are very few days when I have not worked or stayed in bed. In fact, Angad and others think there's something wrong when I am not working”.