Neha Dhupia hiding her baby bump?

Post marriage with Angad Bedi, various pictures of newly married Neha Dhupia has been surfaced on net and almost in every photo the actress is seen in loose outfit and posing hiding her belly. Rumours are floating high that the actress is pregnant with her first child and so she has opted for a hush-hush wedding with Angad. However, both Neha and Angad squashes off the rumour.

In a recent conversation, the actor not just rubbished the rumours, but also asked people to not spread negativity.

"We feel if one has been given a platform to interact with others openly, it should not be misused. If you want to have a critical viewpoint, please put forward, that's understandable. But if you want to pass nasty comments, I won't take it as a husband. If you have nothing nice to say, then don't say at all," he told the daily.

Angad in an earlier interview had revealed that they wanted their wedding to be a private affair, and that's the reason it was hush-hush affair.

"Our intention was not to keep it a secret. We just wanted it to be a private affair. What happens is that the process of making up our minds, planning the wedding and inviting people is never-ending. When we went to Delhi, we didn't think that we were going to get married. The decision to get married was taken overnight," he had told a leading daily.

Neha’s father also cleared the air of their private wedding, “It was decided by both the families and the couple as they didn’t have much time because of their respective work commitments. We only got a day or two to make all the wedding arrangements after the date was finalis