Neha Dhupia enjoyed Richard’s kiss

Neha Dhupia and Richard BransonThere was a great hue and cry after Richard Gere gave number of pecks on the cheek of beautiful Shilpa Shetty last year. Social activists declared the incident uncultured and filed case against them for insulting Indian rich heritage and culture. But the victim, Shilpa Shetty remained silence on the whole issue and gave her full support to Gere. And this time also happen the same; Neha Dhupia enjoyed the entire happening and did not burst out on Richard Branson following the kisses.

Neha took the whole incident quite sportingly and in a right spirit. She said that it was full of fun and there was nothing wrong in it. She regarded Richard to be a very jovial person and took the whole incident in a funny way. Though Richard lifted her upside down and kissed her repeatedly; she was not at all offended rather expressed her desire to dance with him once again. Neha not at all upset with the incident that her skirt went upside down but jokingly said that next time she will make sure that she wears a long trouser.  

Richard Branson kissed Neha Dhupia during the show ‘Apna Andaz Very Hatke’ in channel V. Everything happened very instantly and Neha did not have any clue that Richard had something like this in his mind. She was totally shocked. She just laughed when she recalled the whole incident.