Neha Dhupia, Angad Bedi celebrate 1st anniversary in Mauritius with daughter

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi celebrated first year of togetherness today and the couple headed to Mauritius with their 6-month-old daughter Mehr. On their D-day, Angad Bedi spoke at length about his darling wife, Neha and daughter Mehr. 

While talking to Pinkvilla, Angad said how the whole years has been for them, he told the entertainment portal, “This one year has been very blissful. I've had a lot of people say many things about getting married and settling down, but for us, we continue from the same place where we started. We still are friends, and yes, we are lovers and we also have a beautiful family. I want to just put it in a simple way that had it not been for Neha, I wouldn't have settled down. I am very fulfilled and complete with a partner like Neha. I think there has been God's grace including the three of us now, including Mehr. I guess, sometimes when you do good deeds, you gain a lot in returns. That's how I would like to sum up my whole year with Neha and also Mehr.”

When the actor-father was asked about what changes he feels over the year. Replying to which he said, "I still feel she is my girlfriend. I think we are a couple definitely with responsibility. But we tend to see and enjoy the lighter side of life more.  Our friendship was always based on a lot of honesty. We used to be the mirrors for each other and that has helped us grew in our marriage also and it remains the same. Like all couples, we agree and we disagree. There was a time when obviously, you take time to make up with them but the lovely quality that my wife has that if she gets slightly upset she changes her mood quickly. But that's unfortunately with me. That's what makes for a beautiful marriage. Otherwise, it's very honest and that's how you go about it because you are two different individuals, and you try to balance each other very well."

Talking about their daughter, he said, “Mehr is an extension of the two of us and she has brought a lot of happiness and joy not just to Neha and me but also our parents. Our parents have become grandparents and they always wanted their children to settle down and start a nice family life. I think Mehr has done exactly that. Mehr has got not just us a lot of blessings but to our parents and both our families as well. She has definitely got me a lot of luck and as we say, 'Jab shaadi hoti toh patni ke bhaag lagte hai', mere saath toh do guna ho gaya hai. With my wife, I'm also blessed with my daughter's luck.”

Here’s wishing Angad and Neha a happy wedding anniversary!