Neetu Kapoor skips annual Christmas launch, reason Katrina!

It seems all is not well between Ranbir Kapoor’s mom and veteran actor Neetu Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. It is a ritual for the Kapoor Khandaan to gather at Shashi Kapoor’s Christmas luncheon every year and this year also almost all the Kapoor family members gathered to ring in Christmas but surprisingly Neetu Kapoor gave the occasion a miss. This year Neetu deliberately gave the occasion a miss and Katrina Kaif was touted to be the reason behind her no-show.

Past instances showed Neetu Kapoor always had problem with her son’s girlfriend. Earlier, when Ranbir was dating Deepika Padukone, the veteran actor expressed her dissatisfaction over the relationship and now again she is having problem with Katrina.

It’s been more than a year Ranbir moved in with Katrina Kaif. Rishi and Neetu Kapoor disliked the fact that their son left Krishnaraj Bungalow and moved in with Katrina.

And now Neetu Kapoor's absence from the gathering proved that she shared a strained relation with Ranbir's girlfriend Katrina Kaif.