Neelam spread rumors of SRK-Priyanka's affair

Neelam Kothari loves gossiping but this time her habit landed her in big trouble. She is on the verge of losing the friendship of Shahrukh, Gauri and Priyanka. According to the latest grapevine, Neelam is the main culprit of spreading the rumor of Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra’s love affair.

Says a source, "For the last six months, various stories have appeared in the media about SRK and PC being more than goos friends - stories that have upset and irritated the actress. Apparently, Priyanka discovered that these stories were beind spread by Neelam, who is close to Gauri and loves to gossip. PC naturally started discussing this with friends, who promptly told Neelam about it. She didn't want to take it lying down, so Neelam called Priyanka to clarify matters. PC was in no mood to be soothed, so she gave it back to her and very soon it became a slanging match!"

When quizzed about it, Neelam says, "It's not true. The fight never happened. I share a very cordial relationship with Priyanka. I would never speak about my friend''s (Gauri Khan) husband like that."

For the last few months, there has been immense trouble in Gauri and Shahrukh’s paradise due to his closeness with Priyanka.