Neelam and Sameer Soni adopt a baby girl

Bollywood actress Neelam Kothari and her husband actor Sameer Soni adopted a baby girl. They tied the knot in January 2011 in a private ceremony and since then they were deprived from the bliss of parenthood. It was their long time wish to adopt a baby girl.

Actress-turned-jewelery designer Neelam said, "Adoption has been on our minds for quite a while. The procedure took a couple of months. We wanted a baby, who is around six to seven months old."

Neelam informed that Sameer and she always wanted to have a daughter, be it biological or adopted. She says, "Sameer doesn't have a sister, his is an all-boys family. I feel girls are best for their parents."

The overjoyed parents named their daughter Ahana. When asked what made to chose Ahana only? Neelam replied, "The moment she entered the room, she looked at us and flashed her million-dollar smile. That was enough for us to bring her home," says the doting mother.

Says proud papa Sameer, "We can't keep our eyes off her. It breaks our heart to even say that she's adopted. Friends and family tell us that we have done a great thing, but we feel Ahana has done us a favour. I have never had a sister, so I always felt that if not a sister, I should have a daughter."

He adds, "Neelam is so occupied that I don't exist for her anymore! We are busy playing and enjoying her attention and have hardly stepped out of the house. The only thing is, we don't know how she'll react when she grows up and we tell her about it." But the couple is sure they'll tell Ahana about her adoption. "We have discussed how and when to do it. What really matters is how you bring up your child."

Congratulations to Neelam and Sameer!