Nayantara-Vignesh Shivan gets engaged, marriage on the cards

Southern sensation Nayantara’s thank-you speech for excellence in Entertainment by media group event held in Chennai just confirmed that the actress is engaged to fimmaker and boyfriend Vignesh Shivan.

In her speech, Nayanthara was quoted as saying, “I thank my mom, dad, brother and ‘fiancé’ for constantly supporting me. This awards show is a lot different from all the film awards shows that I had attended so far. I will go back home even more inspired after seeing all the women achievers around me."

There is not pointing for guessing who is Nayantara’s finace because she has been dating the filmmaker for quite sometime.

Nayanthara and Vignesh reportedly fell in love on Vignesh’s directorial debut ‘Naanum Rowdydhaan’, which released in 2015.

Their Instagram pictures from the recent USA trip proved that they madly in love with each other. Vignesh Shivan and Nayantara’s joint appearance at an awards show in 2016 also confirmed their relationship.

Well, now that Nayantara has publicly regarded Vignesh as her fiancé, wedding bells can be heard ringing anytime soon.