Nawazuddin's brother goes to Cannes Film Festival

A movie by Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s younger brother would be screened at Cannes International Film Festival. Shamas Siddiqui  has made a short film titled ‘Miyan Kal Aana’. The film would be shown as a part of Short Film Catalog. Shamas is elated as his very first film is getting the chance to be screened at Cannes International Film Festival. He expressed his gratefulness on the occasion, “I’m very happy that my first film got selected in the Cannes Court Meterrag Category. I would like to thank the film festival and every member who helped me put the film together and making it so special for me.” However, Nawazuddin wouldn’t be attending the event as he is occupied with the filming of ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’.

‘Miyan Kal Aana’ is a 17.5 minute long film. Interestingly, Nawazuddin has turned producer with this movie. The two brothers carried out the shooting at Budhana in Uttar Pradesh – which is their native place. The film addresses the issue of Halala law in Islam. It features the suffering that women undergo when they are unable to make decisions. A man called Imtiaz loses his temper and divorces his wife. He can get his wife back only after he marries her to some other man first. But complication arises when the lady’s next husband can divorce her only after he consummates their marriage – as per Halala law of Islam. The story thus narrates the pain that Muslim women have to bear when their husband divorces them and the woman has to forcibly marry another man.

The lead actress in this short film is Manisha Marzara who is a newcomer. The actress is happy to have been a part of the project. She shares her experience working with Nawaz, “It was an experience shooting for it in his village. Staying with his family was amazing, specially his mother’s warmth.”  Manisha Marzara would be seen in another upcoming film “Babuji Ek Ticket Bambai Ka”

While Nawaz says, “It was my concept and we shot it in my native place. It will go in the festival circuit.” The male lead has been played by Jaihind Kumar, a theater actor. Aside from these two, several villagers have also acted. The filmmakers say that it stars the Real People of Budhana town. Other than Kumar, another prominent role has been played by Ilyas Khan. Shamas would be directing yet another film “Ganna, Gehu Aur Gun”. It has been reported that Nawaz will be performing in this one.